Bible Studies and Classes

Bible Studies

Midweek Prayer Group

Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM

In this group there is opportunity to share the Word, pray for one another and intercede on behalf of others.

Small Group Bible Studies

There are small groups that meet for bible study on Monday and Tuesday evenings and on Thursday mornings.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Every Sunday at 9:45 AM

Study the Bible with other Christians. Care is given to breaking down the meaning of the text, and opportunity is given for discussion of its application to our lives.

Christian Growth Classes

To download the outlines for these classes, go to our Outlines and Articles page.

Authority Over the Powers Class

We are up against all kinds of influences and powers, both inside us and outside us that would keep us from what God has for us. In this class, we look at the hindrances and barriers to growing in Christ. We learn about the victory that is ours in Christ and how we can live victoriously.

Gifts and Ministries Class

We are all given gifts of the Spirit. We all have experiences, talents, or skills. We are all called by God to use our gifts and our experiences in some form of ministry to others. Take this class for a better understanding of what the Bible says about gifts and ministries. Discover your own gifts and your own call to ministry.