Guidelines for Membership in the Body of Christ

Worship Regularly

Worship is at the center of Christian life. If we do not surrender ourselves to God in prayer and praise, we will end up surrendered and enslaved to something else.

Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy. Worship with the gathered community of faith weekly.

Know God's Word

Learn to discern God's word and call in your life by meditating on God's word and by the regular practice of prayer.

Be in a small group or Bible study class which meets on a weekly basis.

All members are encouraged to take either the course Being Disciples or New Beginnings. Sign up now for the next class.

Know and Use Your Gifts

Each one of us has been given various gifts and abilities. In openness to the Holy Spirit, we discover our gifts and how God wants us to use them to serve others. There are different ways to minister. In surrender and obedience to God and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, God helps us to know our special calling.

Be willing to dream dreams and see visions. Some envision new forms of service that the mission of Jesus Christ might be extended and our community and society transformed.

Exercise your gifts in at least one ministry or service within the body of Christ.

Share Jesus Christ with others, inviting others to trust their lives to Christ and enter into the fellowship of God's people.

Bear witness to what you know to be God's intentions for the human family. Work for justice and peace in the world.

Be Faithful Stewards

We are to commit ourselves to God and to one another. Therefore, make prayerful pledges of your abilities and financial resources to the mission of Christ in this place. Give the first fruits of your labor, not your leftovers.

Tithe. Give as an offering your first ten percent of what God has placed in your hands.

Ministries You Can Get Involved in Right Away

Find out how you can help us with Children's Ministry, Sunday School, Homework Center, Teen Career Development Group, Music Ministry, Choir, Usher Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Transportation Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Support Ministry (building maintenance and repair). Talk to Pastor David Lowry or Deacon Rochelle Wilson or a member of one of these ministries to find out how you can get involved using your gifts to the glory of God.

Starting New Ministries

Is God giving you a vision for a new ministry? Do you have an idea for serving others, for reaching out to our community or helping build up the people of God at St. Thomas? Form a prayer triad. Find two others who will pray with you on this new ministry idea. If after prayer you are in agreement to continue with the ministry, you are on your way. Bring it to Pastor or our congregation council for their support and encouragement.

For Youth

Get involved in the Bible Study on Sunday morning before Worship Service. Find out about our Teen Career Development Group. Join with other young people in special youth activities, youth revival services and Bible studies. Be involved in planning these activities. See Pastor David Lowry, Deacon Rochelle Wilson or a member of our congregation council for ways you can get involved.

Getting Ready for Leadership in the Church

There are opportunities for leadership in the church of Jesus Christ, serving on a ministry team, serving on the church council and in other areas. It is important to get some training and growth in faith. Attend classes on Authority Over the Powers and Gifts and Ministries as they are offered. There are also South Cluster courses: A two year Biblical training course and a two year course for those who feel called to become a deacon. See Pastor David Lowry if you are interested.