Recovery Ministry

Knowing that addiction to drugs destroys the lives of addicts and hurts families and the community, and being called by God to bring good news to the afflicted, we are committed to a ministry to addicts and their families. We know that the Lord wants all who are now afflicted to come to know the hope of Christ---that they might experience his welcome, freedom and healing. Christ came to seek and to save the lost.

We believe that God wants all those who have been afflicted and who have experienced healing, to tell others what God has done. God has given us a testimony to go out and minister hope to others who are now afflicted. God has released us from bondage to rebuild and restore.

The Recovery Ministry at St. Thomas is a ministry of the entire congregation, but at the forefront of this ministry are recovering addicts who bring the message of hope and liberation. They share from their own experience the healing power of God.

Reaching Out

Through street ministry, community gatherings and other means of outreach we seek to reach those in need. We help addicts into treatment when needed. We form circles of support for them as they continue the journey. We seek to encourage and provide hope.

Welcoming Worship

Our worship and Bible studies at St. Thomas welcome those who are recovering. We celebrate clean time. We talk the talk and walk the walk. We are a welcoming community for those who are suffering and seeking the hope that God gives.