For Seekers and New Christians

These gatherings are especially for new Christians and new members. Being Disciples consists of five sessions. It is about the basics of our relationship with God. New Beginnings is directed to both seekers and new Christians. It is a ten week, fourteen topic course.

New Beginnings Gatherings

New Beginnings Gatherings are especially for seekers. They involve a series of gatherings over a 10 week period in which a variety of topics are presented and discussed. Topics include:

These evening gatherings begin with a meal and there is much laughter and sharing.

Being Disciples Gatherings

This is our class for new Christians, renewed Christians, seekers and new members. It consists of five sessions. It is about our relationship with God. It is about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. We ask what it means to be saved and how God's salvation becomes ours. We apply God's Word to our lives. Join us for some great sharing!